It is our intention to create personalized meals based around your requirements, preferences and dietary requirements.  We can essentially cook any Thai dish (though Isan dishes are our specialty).  

To help choose we have created this A LA CARTE menu of the most popular dishes. 

If you are staying at Nakara Villa on a package that included Dinner then you can typically choose a cobination of:

1 soup, 2-3 min dishes, choice of rice (Jasmine or sticky).  Your meal will come with fresh fruit and soft drinks.

Otherwise just select your dishes from the menu though if you are new to Thai/Isan food just tell us what you like and we will create a superb meal for you.

All dishes are double size: suitable for two people.

In the meantime: ENJOY!


In Thai cooking  a 'Soup' is anything that is served in liquid or a sauce which is why curries are included here

Chicken curry with bamboo shoots - 150 B

Crab curry -180 B

Mild soup with vegetables and pork - 150 B

Noodle soup/egg noodle soup - 90 B

Pork/Chicken Green Curry - 150 B

Pork/Chicken in coconut milk soup - 150 B

Pork/Chicken Massaman Curry - 150 B

Red Curry (chicken, beef, pork)- 150 B

Stuffed cucumber soup -90 B

Stuffed cucumber with minced pork soup -90 B

Tom Yum Kung/Chicken/Pork - 150 B

Wonton soup - 90 B


Barbecue chicken - 150 B

Barbecue pork neck - 220 B

Barbecue pork ribs -220 B

Chicken with cashew nuts -150 B

Chicken/pork stir-fired with ginger - 150 B

Eggs and pork in brown sauce -90 B

Fried chicken/ chicken wings - 150 B

Fried chicken/pork with asparagus -150 B

Fried flat noodle with pork and broccoli topped with gravy sauce - 150 B

Fried marinated chicken wrapped in pendan leaf -180 B

Fried noodle with pork and broccoli topped with gravy sauce - 150 B

Fried pork/chicken with oyster sauce - 150 B

Hainan chicken - 150 B

Isann sausages - 150 B

Meat Spring rolls - 150 B

Minced pork and soya bean curd soup -150 B

Minced pork omelet - 90 B

Pork stir-fried with garlic and pepper -150 B

sliced grilled pork salad -150 B

Steamed chicken with rice - 90 B

Stir-fried pork /chicken and basil - 150 B

Stuffed omelet - 100 B

Sweet and sour pork/chicken -150 B


Assorted prawns with glass noodle -220 B

Barbecue Fish - 150 B

Crisp fried calamari -180 B

Crispy catfish salad with green mango - 180 B

Fried fish topped with chilli sauce - 150 B

Fried fish with oyster sauce - 150 B

Fried river fish with garlic and pepper (seasonal) - 150 B

Pad Thai (shrimp) - 150 B

Prawns fried with chilies - 150 B

Shrimp salad with lemon grass and mint -150 B

Snapper/sneak head steamed with lemon -250 B

Spicy seafood salad - 180 B

Stuffed squid stir-fried -180 B


Baked rice with pineapple -180 B C

Rice topped with stir-fried pork and basil - 151 B

Shrimp-paste fried rice -90 B


Green Papaya Salad (som tam) -50 B

Sautéed mixed vegetables in oyster sauce - 75 B

Spicy rice vermicelli salad - 100 B

Spicy shredded bamboo-shoot salad (in northeastern style) - 100 B

Vegetarian Spring rolls - 150 B

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